About Us

Founded in 2020, Pharmacology Research Center is located in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences. This Research Center is currently home to a talented and enthusiastic group of scientists that performs cutting-edge research in the field of Pharmacology.

The team is dedicated to facilitating collaborative research efforts to support the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents, more affordable to patients. Pharmacology Research Center serves as a multidisciplinary research hub for the further development of scientific discoveries upon our advanced capabilities in modeling and simulation, biological assessment against stem cells, cancerous and normal cells, tissue, animal models and clinical studies. In addition, Pharmacology Research Center's experienced scientists actively pursue cooperative research opportunities with external collaborators in the academic community and industrial associates both in Iran and abroad.

Pharmacology Research Center provides an opportunity for students. Students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels are provided with the opportunity to work alongside experienced scientists, learn techniques required for the successful identification of the next generation of therapies, and play a role in cutting edge research collaborations.


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